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I signed up for the monthly subscription, so I'll be using this site for a while.

I had several questions that couldn't wait, so I asked Dr. If not for this great doctor, I would have had to go to an urgent care which has a 0 deductible according to my insurance plan.

I used this website for the first time and found it very helpful.I found Just Health Experts where I was able to ask basic questions and get answers right away without having to take a day off work, make an appointment, wait in the doctor's office for over an hour, and then pay a co-pay.I'm a pharmacy technician working for Safeway in Aurora, CO. But she never experiences any pain or anything like that. I avoid taking antibiotics if not absolutely necessary so I wanted to check whether I need to take them, or should I wait a while to see if things are going to be resolved without antibiotics. want to address the problem before it becomes more severe. especially when I am unable to speak up and defend myself. I was under a little stress when I got it but haven't since and my symptoms have gotten worse. She also tells me that her chest feels like very warm sometimes. I\'ve had diarrhea most of the afternoon and night with app. I went to the doctor (I\'m in Uganda on mission) they did a blood test and stool analysis and told me its a bacterial infection (they didn't assert which bacteria as the test is generic) they prescribed Levoday 500mg 1 tablet per day for 5 days. would like advice on tests, how to pursue tests, to see if I have a condition that can be treated medically. I've been suffering chronic fatigue, headaches, neck pain, tingling sensations of my right eye brow, generally unwell, shakes, weakness, poor concentration, brain fog and feeling feverish.

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She thinks that there's something wrong going on with her, but when we went for a check up like ECG and ECO everything was normal. It is now completely dried up, flat, no longer warm and feels just like the rest of my lip. I got tired of making appointments just to have my questions answered.

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