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Lagos sex dating

To me, the way I am now is the way God wants me to be.

And I will not call appearance into it now and I will not say beauty because there are many beautiful girls out there who are not talented and they are just there, not making it. Maybe, it’s a principle, I just don’t want to date anybody within the industry. I would feel so bad that I would want to know the person who wrote the piece but at a point when I realised it wouldn’t just stop , it just didn’t bother me any more. It has not affected my career in any way and I am consoled by the fact that God knows the truth. At a time, she was staying with me and later moved into her own house.

I have been doing all these kiddies stuffs with NTA since my Primary School days.

The only period I had a break from acting was when I went to Aba to stay with my aunty.

During my Secondary school days, I travelled to Aba to sojourn briefly with my aunty.

I sat for my JSCE in Aba before returned to Lagos for my SSCE. Then as a child I was in “Tales By Moonlight”, “Kiddies Vision 101”.

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I like people to always tell me the truth regardless of the situation. If the story is not so good I can call the producer and make suggestions because I am a writer too. Sex is something every couple , married couple, should do, probably, everyday, I don’t know, probably every time they are moved to do it.