Editing and updating in gridview in asp net Free amatuer sexchat

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Editing and updating in gridview in asp net

Run the Edit page (display the Course Index page and click Edit on a course). The Course Index page is displayed with the updated course data.When you edit an instructor record, you want to be able to update the instructor's office assignment. Now you'll enhance the Instructor Edit page by adding the ability to change course assignments using a group of check boxes, as shown in the following screen shot: The relationship between the navigation property.The Run the page (select the Instructors tab and then click Edit on an instructor). The UI that enables you to change which courses an instructor is assigned to is a group of check boxes.A check box for every course in the database is displayed, and the ones that the instructor is currently assigned to are selected.The way im populating the datagrid is putting it into a data Set and using that as the data Source and doing a databind. The Contoso University sample web application demonstrates how to create ASP.

The department name in the Index page list comes from the navigation property, showing that the relationship was established correctly.The user can select or clear check boxes to change course assignments.If the number of courses were much greater, you would probably want to use a different method of presenting the data in the view, but you'd use the same method of manipulating navigation properties in order to create or delete relationships. Net Grid View control with simple Data Set or Data Table, and also explains the methods like Insert, Edit, Update and Delete function in the Grid View control.You can see most of the articles and tutorials in many websites teach you the way to bind a Grid View control to the database with some Data Source controls such as SQLData Source, Object Data Source, Access Data Source and even XMLDatasource.

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To provide data to the view for the list of check boxes, you'll use a view model class.

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