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Examples of acceptable personal relationships: Fraternization describes the criminal prohibition of certain conduct between officers and enlisted personnel set out in the UCMJ.

Interpersonal relationships between officer and enlisted personnel and fraternization are not synonymous.

Likewise, chief petty officers (E-7 to E-9) have a distinct leadership role, particularly within their assigned command.

Both provide leadership not just within the direct chain of command, but for a broader spectrum of the Service.

However, this approach may obscure one important issue: the fundamental principle that interpersonal activities which are appropriate among men or among women are likewise appropriate among men and women.

Positive social interaction among men has proved beneficial to the individuals and the organization in the past, and women should be afforded equal opportunity to participate in these activities.

Proper social interaction is encouraged to enhance unit morale and esprit de corps.An environment of mutual respect and trust inspires teamwork, assures equal treatment, and grants service members the opportunity to excel.Professional interpersonal relationships always acknowledge military rank and reinforce respect for authority.(Does not involve conduct which violates the UCMJ.)(b) Romantic relationship: Cross-gender sexual or amorous relationship.(Does not involve conduct which violates the UCMJ.)(c) Unacceptable relationship: Inappropriate and not allowed under Service policy. The relationship must be terminated or otherwise resolved once recognized.(d) Prohibited relationship: Violates the UCMJ.

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Coast Guard policy prohibits the following relationships or conduct, regardless of rank, grade, or position of the persons involved: Service members married to Service members, or otherwise closely related (e.g., parent/child, siblings), shall maintain requisite respect and decorum attending the official military relationship between them while either is on duty or in uniform in public.

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